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Modified 28 October 2020

Business and Financial Acumen

Modified 9 November 2020


Modified 9 November 2020

New Norm - Moving Forward
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Modified 9 November 2020

New Norm - Moving Forward

  Covid 19

The word “Covid 19” generates distinct emotions in different people… sadness, uncertainty, insecurity, anger, doubt, worried, frightened, stress, powerless….we can continue and every person can add more emotions to illustrate the reactions this word generates.

However, the earth is still turning, the moon shines at night and the sun shines during daytime.  This implies life moves on… and so do we.

We need to refine our survival skills.  Survival mode will be stay and fight or flight and fight.  The balance between these two scenarios have never been more important than now.

In the following courses you will be equipped on how to live through complicated times like this.  Managing one’s own emotions, actions and how to start again from ground zero…. Eating an elephant, bit by bit.

·       Stress Management

·       Facilitation Skills

·       Goal Setting and Get things Done

·       Improve Mindfulness

·       Improving Self Awareness

·       Increasing Your Happiness

·       Life Coaching Essentials


Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.

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Modified 24 October 2020



Everyone is required to move into a self-development environment that reflects a positive set of values and ethics. Aligning these qualities with the standards of conduct is what makes an individual and/or business stand out to being the best in the field.

Through our Self-Development Courses participants should see improved:

·       Critical Thinking

·       Assertiveness and Self Confidence

·       Interpersonal Skills

·       Personal Branding

·       Anger Management

 By understanding the benefits of controlling these behaviours everybody will be able to improve the skills to grow to become the best in the field.